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R.P. Valois offers four distinct service delivery options — Pre-Construction Planning, Design-Build, Design-Bid-Build and Construction Management. The following information provides an introductory overview of each available option. As always, please feel free to contact us at any time with your questions.

Pre-Construction Planning

Acting as a team member along with the client and architect, R.P. Valois will provide crucial estimating services during the project’s design and/or planning stages to ensure budget expectations are realized. In most cases, additional cost savings can be associated with our involvement in pre-construction planning which far exceeds our consulting fees. For example, we can suggest the most economical construction methods and alternatives resulting in reduced overall costs to the client. Some of the pre-construction services we offer are:

  • Feasibility Study
  • Conceptual Design
  • Preliminary Budgeting

Available Contract Option: Pre-Construction Planning services are typically billed on an hourly basis against a retainer.

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woodframe of a building which is under constrcution


Design-Build is a nationally recognized custom home and commercial building construction delivery method integrating architectural design, value engineering and construction services into a collaborative, single-source project management service.

Under this service arrangement, R.P. Valois assumes total leadership responsibility by assembling a team of design and construction professionals in a cooperative environment to carry out all phases of the project. Over the years, we have proudly taken the Design-Build method to even greater levels of client satisfaction through constant refinement and accountability measures. Advantages to building via this approach include:

Improved Communications & Accountability: Instead of interacting with a general contractor, architect, designers and consultants on issues and concerns, clients gain direct and immediate access by dealing directly with R.P. Valois. Besides averting problems, a one-point clear communication channel allows added flexibility and quicker project delivery.

Single-Source Efficiencies: Construction projects revolve around the daily management of countless activities and resources. As one might surmise, the single-source feature of the Design-Build concept naturally lends itself to obtaining maximum efficiencies throughout the project— efficiencies that save general contractors valuable time and the client considerable money.

Value Engineering: Construction industry studies reveal Design-Build projects can reduce the probability of budget overruns by a remarkable 45%. Such improvement is attributable to our ability to identify project saving opportunities derived from proprietary value engineering techniques; construction methodology; precise cost accounting and stringent purchasing procedures.

Available Contract Options:

  • Cost plus a fee
  • Fixed Bid

Design Bid-Build

Design-Bid-Build is the most common construction services delivery method. The process begins with the client selecting an architect to prepare construction documents. The architect will then release such documents to trusted general contractors like R.P. Valois who place a bid reflecting total construction cost of the project. The submitted bid is comprised of an extensive compilation of material, labor and related individual subcontractor bids for which specific trades are required… plus a general contractor’s fee.

Due to accurate estimating procedures and reliable quality subcontractors, we have established ourselves as formidable competition when quoting Design-Bid-Build jobs. Let us demonstrate our unmatched quality and value on your project.

Available Contract Options:

  • Cost plus a fee
  • Fixed Bid
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Construction Management

With this service delivery method, clients hire us as their Construction Manager prior to completion of the design phase acting as both project coordinator and general contractor. Unlike the Design-Bid-Build method, a Valois Construction Manager participates in the design planning process working directly with the architect to avoid potential issues before completion of a project’s construction documents.

Once design documents become final, our CM acquires job bids from proven subcontractor tradesmen who will perform tasks to exact quality specifications. In addition to providing reliable cost estimates verifying the design is feasible and within budget, our CM will schedule all building materials and closely supervise work completed by assigned subcontractors as well as Valois’ own tradesmen.

Available Contract Options:

  • Cost plus a fee
  • Fixed Bid

Property Management

R.P. Valois & Company, Inc. understands the pride you take in your home. Our reputation and commitment to quality extends to the meticulous care of your home and property. Please call our office to learn about these services.

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